Full Figured & Fabulous Spotlight:

Kizzie Pegues - Charlotte, NC - 1st Place Winner/Division 2 (Sizes 20-2)

1. Why did you enter the Full Figured & Fabulous™ competition in Charlotte?

I've always been interested in new experiences and meeting new people. I wanted to showcase my confidence as a Full Figured Diva. The more that plus sized women expose themselves and showcase their beauty to the public, the more we will help redefine stereotypical images of us having low self esteem and low confidence levels.

2. Had you done any plus modeling before you entered the competition?

No. I've always wanted to be a plus size ambassador for other full figured women and young girls, but I've never done anything as significant as this.

3. Overall, what type of experience was it?

The FF&F Competition helped to build extra confidence by providing me with an opportunity to value what others see as a disadvantage. It was important for me to network with other women who have experienced the same trials that I have. As I talked with the other contestants I was able to see and hear how they were also working to redefine the images of plus sized women. It's not very often that I am able to be surrounded by people who reflect who I am and with similar goals to my own. It was an experience that I'll never forget.

4. Were you satisified with the prizes?

Free money and a free trip? Who wouldn't be happy! Yes I was well pleased with all the gifts I was awarded. I am extremely excited about the photoshoot and the modeling appearances, because those are the prizes that will give me the experience and exposure needed to stay immersed in the plus modeling industry.

5. Would you recommend it to other aspiring plus models? If so, why. If not, why not?

Without hesitation, the contest is a great opportunity to network and learn, especially if you're just starting out in this business, like myself. Seeing other divas with their comp cards and portfolios motivated me to get myself together. It also helps because everyone was willing to answer questions that I had (whether it was about stylists, photograhers, or upcoming events).

6. What was the best part about the competition?

The fellowship with other full figured divas, was priceless. It was uplifting to speak with women from different areas and backgrounds. I will treasure the friendships that I've made during the competition.

7. Who is your favorite role model in the plus size industry?

Right now it's Jennifer Hudson. She represents plus sized women of today. Her many public appearances this spring helped reconstruct conventional ideas of beauty. She's been through the struggle (American Idol), but through it all she showcased her size with an enviable self-assurredness. But more importantly because of her confidence in her image she was able to succeed.

But I also have mad love for Monique, Queen Latifah, & Lisa Nicole Carson!

8. What piece of advice would you give to other aspiring plus models who want to enter the plus modeling industry and are considering entering Full Figured & Fabulous™ when it comes to their city?


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